Mark Dorio
PH: (03) 9587 9616

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Mark has been in the automotive industry since 1985 and established MD Autocare in 1996 from his home garage and, as his business and customers increased, he moved into his current Braeside address in 1998.

At MD Autocare, we are aware having your car serviced and repaired can be extremely inconvenient, costly and time consuming and we aim to always make the process as easy, convenient and cost effective for you as possible.

Mark aims to, and is proud to, always provide a clean, friendly and welcoming workshop, where people are happy to return to.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you need urgent car repairs. Here at MD Autocare, we will go out of our way to make sure the inconvenience to you is minimal and we strive to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Mark has extensive experience in High performance and prestige vehicles, often claiming he ‘grew up’ on these vehicles and he has an ear for the humming and purring of a perfectly tuned piece of machinery! ‘Petrol runs in my veins’ he says.

Whilst you work, your car can be expertly serviced without inconvenience to you.




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